Monday, 9 April 2012

First Post

First posts always groan under the pressure to seem witty, wise and wonderfully articulate all at once so for this one I will keep it short. I will be mostly writing about books. There will be some talk of writing, although I will not be writing about writing often, for fear that I will never actually write. I will occasionally be posting pictures of stationery. I definitely will be posting pictures of book covers. I definitely won't be posting pictures of distressed, angst ridden song lyrics, cakes (yes even the cupcake kind) or of motivational style quotes.

Often it will be my own writing, however I would like to have some others throw caution to the wind and muse on interesting books/articles/essays/and anything text related.

Currently I am reading Amy Sackville's The Still Point. Amy Sackville is now a creative writing lecturer teaching at my old university so I, being nosey as hell, and of course envious that she gets to drink coffee in the staffroom, and note what lecturer drinks an inordinate amount, or only eats tofu, have been rather keen to read her d├ębut.

Her book so far is beautiful. It follows a woman who is attempting to put together a family archive, to protect her family's stories for the future while making sense of her present. It sounds a little twee from my description, but because the main protagonist is related to an Arctic explorer, named Edward Mackley, the book intertwines adventure, myth, and the merits of learning from the past remarkably well, and with no cupcakes or unexplained weeping. The plot moves slowly, but it doesn't feel like a frustrated book, merely one that is taking it's time to unravel the story, to mix and separate dreams, science and that white, empty landscape where we can so easily lose ourselves to romance and myth. Will give it my full review once I am finished. How I wish we always had an extra three days off a week..